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Many of my readers have already viewed Piers Morgan’s TV program a few days ago when his principal guest was Dr. Oz.
The important thing said by Dr. Oz, important for us chocolate lovers, was corroberation of all the scientific evidence that dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content had beneficial effects on one’s cholesteral level, blood sugar level and cardiovascular system.
Suffice to say, the Wellness Collection of dark chocolate confections in David’s Delicious Chocolates website have at least 72% cocoa and we are not stopping there. We also add chia to many of our Wellness items because chia is a high powered antioxidant. In addition to chia we also add blueberries and almonds to many of our Wellness confections.
So buying your chocolates from David’s Delicious Chocolates gives you great taste with absolutely NO guilt.

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